The Clinic 279


The Clinic 279

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Originally, The Bruce Street Medical Group, this clinic was established in 1939 by the late Dr. Alex Swain. There had been a number of GPs join the clinic over the years, notably Dr. Ian Swain, Dr. John Buchanan, and Dr. Geoff Pearce (all who have retired in recent years), and Dr. Kevin Parker.  Dr. Parker left the clinic in 2006.

Dr. Vincent Gallichio joined the clinic in early 2002, having moved from the clinic that he had established in East Ivanhoe 23 years before.  Dr. Gallichio is now the practice principal of The Clinic 279.   He works cooperatively in upgrading and managing the practice with his Practice Manager, Vera Alexander-Smith. They have improved standards in numerous areas and have been commended by Accreditation Teams over the years.  Our clinic is indebted to the skill, hard work and dedication of Vera.

The doctors, nurses and support staff at this clinic have one clear goal to provide high quality traditional general practice care to individuals and families.  

The doctors have skills and training in the needs of women and men, adolescents, children and infants. The doctors are ably assisted by our highly experienced Registered Nurses, and by our receptionist staff. Our reception staff are recruited for their ability to interact with patients and their families in a friendly and sensitive manner. Each member of The Clinic 279 has frequent and regular in-house training.

It is a complex business caring for unwell patients and their families.  Needs are diverse and varied.   In order to attend to the needs of a large number of people in a compassionate yet efficient manner, we have organised the clinic in such a way to fulfil these needs.

We are privileged to be involved in the health needs of our patients, the community, and endeavour to meet those needs to the best of our ability.  We strive to continue to improve our service in rapidly changing and evolving times.